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Dali Duchamp


Graphic design

What is Art? Organized by The Dalí Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Dalí and Duchamp exhibited the father of conceptual art, Marcel Duchamp, and Salvador Dalí, the champion of traditional painting and the imagination. This exhibition was the first of its kind dedicated to the friendship and mutual influence of two of the twentieth century’s greatest artists. Despite their differences, they maintained an enduring bond of mutual admiration. What fueled this surprising relationship was deeper than their shared artistic interests – among them eroticism, language, optics and games. More fundamentally, the two men were united by a combination of humor and skepticism, which led both, in different ways, to challenge conventional views of art and life.

To correspond with the marketing campaign and engage our visitors we created a magnetized wall outside the entrance to the show, asking visitors ‘what is art?’ They enjoyed the playful interaction. The campaign itself is our most successful social media campaign, the wall featured in several posts.


Curators: Dawn Ades and Dr. William Jeffett
Concept: Urban Canvas
Graphic Design: Julia Howard
Photographer: Unknown

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