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Aime Cesaire

Aimé Césaire

Concept, Spatial design, Graphic design

“Aimé Césaire: Poetry, Surrealism and Négritude” explores the rich world of the surrealist poet and politician from the French Caribbean Island of Martinique. Featuring selections from his powerful poems, this exhibition focuses on Césaire’s history, his role in the founding of the anti-colonial Négritude movement and his affiliation with Surrealism.

This exhibition demonstrates how Surrealism empowered Aimé Césaire to find his poetic voice and political vision for his battle against Colonialism, helping him find Negritude and in turn influencing generations of blacks seeking identity, dignity and access to their shared roots in the African diaspora.

This is a free traveling exhibition created by The Dalí.


Curators: Bob Devin Jones, Peter Tush and Allison McCarthy
Photographer: David Deranian
Concept: Julia Howard
Layout: Julia Howard, Peter Tush and Allison McCarthy
Graphic Design: Julia Howard

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